Genetics Module Showcase

This showcase gives you a brief overview of the genetics module at the University of Western Ontario.


SSC to USC: a Sitdown with Frank Ye

Frank Ye - a fourth-year Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences student, our former SSC President, has stepped down from the SSC to run as a candidate in the USC presidential race alongside his longstanding friend, Jared Forman. We decided to reach out to get a more personal perspective on his campaign, his story, and most importantly, him … Continue reading SSC to USC: a Sitdown with Frank Ye

Recovering From a Bad Midterm

After a long wait, midterm season is finally ramping up for most Science students. Many of us might be reflecting on midterm grades in the coming weeks. It’s commonly said that grades don’t define oneself, but this might become harder to believe when you’re attending a university with high entrance averages and rigorous programs. If … Continue reading Recovering From a Bad Midterm