By Stephanie Philpott

The clock strikes 6PM and you’ve just finished devouring your dinner. Armed with a backpack full of textbooks, chargers, and your trusty laptop, you stand in the mile-long lineup to grab a coffee at the Tim Horton’s in the UCC. It’s a Tuesday night when the mundane nature of your study habits finally hits you and you decide that it’s time to shake things up – it’s time for a new study spot.

Then the question hits: where to go? Luckily for you, you chose to attend a university that provides a multitude of diverse locations varying in noise level, scenery, and architecture where you can grab a chair and get on that 4.0 grind. If you’ve yet to explore the campus well enough to find your new favourite spot, don’t despair! We’ve cut down the work for you and polled Western students to find out their thoughts on the best places on campus to get some work done – both mainstream and off the beaten track.

The Top Ten Study Spots

  1. Taylor Library LG & G Floor21017355

“LG Taylor because everyone else looks as sad as me.”- Darlene Thong

  1. Weldon Library Map Centre tumblr_lwe0eko3cv1qae0r8o1_1280
  1. King’s Libraryimg-study_space_2

“The chances of you knowing anyone there – being a main campus student – are very slim. You can get comfortable and you can always get to smell the coffee around.”- Nora Samhadaneh

  1. Weldon Library Floor 4 or 5d_b_weldon_library_university_of_western_ontario_1

“I am inspired by buildings since I am from NYC and I thought Weldon 4th and 5th floor beside the windows were not bad in terms of views.”- Saeed Awawdeh

  1. Law Librarylaw-library2

6. Music Librarycpgitwjw8aa1ymi

“Almost always empty in the morning, and if you need a break you can play piano for a bit (headphones provided).” – Eric Belrose

  1. Physics and Astronomy Buildingimage0071
  1. UCC Floor 3ucc-look-back

“I love third floor UCC, it’s quiet, but not dead silent, always space, outlets, and reasonably comfortable chairs, close to all UCC amenities, and you have an option of corrals or desks if you’re with your friends.” – Ian Jones

  1. Ivey Buildingivey-building
  1. Fireplace Lounge UCC28-contemporary-fireplace

“Comfy and not too much/too little noise for those like me who hate studying in complete silence.”- Kristina Colonna

Psst… Some Obscure Study Spots

  1. Ursuline Hall Oak Room at Brescia
  2. Outside 3M
  3. Health Sciences top floor
  4. Peters Library
  5. Recreation Centre

“Those little chairs at the entrance or even the table along the windows is amazing and also leaves you no excuse to not get active for a break since the gym is two steps away from you.”- Saeed Awawdeh



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