This school year’s study sessions, shenanigans, and library memories—courtesy of Western’s Instagrammers.

1. When our beloved study space got a makeover at the start of the year.


2. When studying was a year-long grind.

in the time it took me to take this picture, I could've finished a chapter 🙄📚

A post shared by MK. (@iammanpreeet) on


3. When club activities made the library a fun place.


4. When the library was a good place to showcase those dabbing skills.


5. When winter exams came around.


6. When the library was a place to relax from your studies.

Mandalas with Western Art Club for midterm stress relief! 🌀☮️🖍🎨

A post shared by Naomi (@naomileww) on


7. When it was also a good place to take a nap.


8. When the security guards had our best interests at heart.

Oops 🤐

A post shared by Amber M 🙉 (@ambirdm) on


9. When the study rooms were put to good use.

"Listen here. You are a mess." ATTACKEDT!¡

A post shared by Angela Xie (@_thelorelei_) on


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