It’s no surprise that the Faculty of Science is one of the largest faculties on campus, totalling to around 5,000 students during the 2017-2018 school year. Students from all over Canada and the globe come to Western to become a part of its diverse science program in the hope of achieving their goals.


(From left to right: Adam Nowacki, Shanee Moran, Ethan, Biswurm, Triven Kannan, and Vak Joe)

The Western Science Student Council’s mission is to help each undergraduate Science student to achieve the best student experience possible and they offer many different resources to help achieve that, including the First Year Science Representatives. Many first year students will never get the chance to meet their First Year Reps, so we hope that this short article helps first year students get to know them better and learn how they can make the first years’ time at Western even better.

Introducing: Adam Nowacki

Adam is a first year Actuarial Sciences students form Ajax, Ontario. He describes himself as a fun, outgoing and loving person who enjoys sports such as swimming, running and soccer. Adam strives to become someone who can make a difference in the world and he believes that Western provides him with diverse opportunities to reach this goal. In addition to SSC, Adam is a First Year Rep for the ASUA.

As for balancing his time during the semester, Adam likes to set out everything on a calendar as he believes having a visual representation of his schedule can be a great help. Adam believes his role as a First Year Rep is to advocate for student needs. His role model is Montana Hackett, the vice-president of academics for the SSC and President of the Biochemistry club, who he describes as very humble, smart and someone he strives to be like.

Adam would like all the students to know that everyone is going through the same experience and everyone is changing and struggling to adapt, therefore if anyone wants to reach out, you’re more than welcome to drop by to see Adam at NCB 297.

Introducing: Shanee Moran

Shanee is a first year Medical Science student from Toronto, Ontario. She is a bubbly and friendly individual with lots of confidence who loves travelling, baking, hanging out with her friends and camping. Shanee manages her time by using a planner. By using many different coloured markers to break down all of her work that needs to be done, she can look at the week as a whole. She is encouraged by her roommate who keeps her motivated and acts as a support system and is also glad to have many different helpful resources as Western.

Shanee’s role model is Audrey Hepburn, who she admires for her love and pursuit of movies and fashion as well as the changes she made as a legendary humanitarian. She aspires to be someone who is always trying to be the best version of herself and looks for happiness in every situation. She hopes to work with Doctors Without Borders one day.

Shanee would like the first-year students at Western to know that University is a difficult transition, and you might feel alone. However, everyone is also feeling the same way. Remember to get adequate rest and feel free to reach out when you want someone to talk to.

Introducing: Ethan Biswurm

Ethan is a first year Computer Science student who describes himself as an eccentric individual. He loves video gaming, programming and woodworking and he’s always wanted to learn how to fly a plane. In terms of his extra-curriculars, Ethan is involved in Theatre at Western and is part of the rock-climbing club, along with the Duke of Edinburgh’s club. In the future, Ethan aspires to be comfortable within his industry and looks forwards to making a positive impact in the world. Ethan’s role model is Sean Young, a game developer who was able to independently create a program when in school, allowing him to drop out of school.

Ethan believes that his role as a First Year Rep involves making sure that the needs of new students at Western and any issues they face when they are struggling academically are addressed, and any concerns with the profs are presented to the necessary authorities.

Ethan stated that he faced quite a shock when coming to university, with the struggles of moving to a new country and a different environment; Ethan stated that he manages his day-to-day life by starting the day early so he can finish all of his academic stuff when he has the most energy, and then complete all of his work on campus. This allows him to have more time in the evenings for social and club activities, along with some time for himself.

All in all, Ethan wishes to tell the science student body that he is just like them. He also wishes to study hard and do extremely well in all of his courses but he also wants to enjoy school and have new experiences.

Introducing: Triven Kannan

Triven is a First Year Medical Science student from Mississauga, Ontario. He’s a very social and outgoing person who loves to sing. He has a passion for photography and hopes that one day he can travel to different countries and take individual portraits of people from different walks of life. Triven believes that putting oneself out there and meeting new people helps to cope with being in a new environment such as university. He stated that he manages university through self-control, self-regulation and early development of time management skills. He feels that these skills are important because with new freedom comes new responsibilities and self-reliance.

His role model is Dan Sequeira, the representative for IMS/Epidemiology/Biophysics. He believes that people look up to him because he is very involved in school and his community. Dan has also been a great help to him during his time at Western. Aside from SSC, Triven participates in a music organization in Toronto for artists to showcase their talent and allow for inspiration. He quoted that, “Passion within you cannot grow unless you surround yourself with people who have achieved mastery, push you out of your comfort zone, and inspire you to strive for perfection”.

Triven wants the First Year Science students to know that he can see that all of the science students are very motivated and he feels glad that he can surround himself with such amazing people, if anyone would like to ask questions, meet new people, or just drop by, Triven is more than happy to welcome you.

Introducing: Vak Joe

Vak is a first year Medical Science student from Mississauga, Ontario. He’s a kind and outgoing individual who has a passion for photography. Vak was looking forward to joining the Science Student Council as it looked like a great way to get involved during first year. He believes his role as a first year rep is to advocate for the first year BSc students and act as a voice for their needs and opinions.

When asked how he balances his schoolwork and extracurricular activities, such as being a First Year Rep on the Biochem Club, a Junior Commissioner for the Residence Council and a Super Froph, he stated that time management is key. In university, it can be difficult to manage everything, so prioritizing and always giving 110% with the things that he finds difficult helps him to create a balance.

Vak wants the first-year science students to know that all the first years are in the same boat, having just left high school, so it’s the same for everyone. He mentioned that if anyone ever needs someone to talk to (or help with physics!) they are welcome to drop by at NCB 297.

Special Thanks goes to interviewer Rasa Eskandari


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