MODULE SHOWCASE: Microbiology & Immunology

*this interview has been lightly edited for clarity and conciseness, without sacrificing content.* Microbiology and Immunology is the study of microorganisms and the immune system; It has a wide scope of applications in health research including diabetes, arthritis, and experimental therapies we use in personalized medicine. We interviewed Undergraduate Chair and Associate Professor, Dr. Kelly … Continue reading MODULE SHOWCASE: Microbiology & Immunology


The Science of Giant Pumpkins

October and November are the months of year for pumpkins; they’re used in many activities from Halloween pumpkin carving to baking Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. However, less well-known events include the annual giant pumpkin festivals that take place all around the world. Farmers carefully nurture pumpkins for months, producing truly amazing results – the world record for the … Continue reading The Science of Giant Pumpkins