MODULE SHOWCASE: Microbiology & Immunology

*this interview has been lightly edited for clarity and conciseness, without sacrificing content.* Microbiology and Immunology is the study of microorganisms and the immune system; It has a wide scope of applications in health research including diabetes, arthritis, and experimental therapies we use in personalized medicine. We interviewed Undergraduate Chair and Associate Professor, Dr. Kelly … Continue reading MODULE SHOWCASE: Microbiology & Immunology


Perspective: why quitting social media was the best decision of my life.

In January of this year, I finally made a decision I had been mulling over for months - I decided to quit almost all social media. Why would I do this, in a world where we're so connected? ...

Recovering From a Bad Midterm

After a long wait, midterm season is finally ramping up for most Science students. Many of us might be reflecting on midterm grades in the coming weeks. It’s commonly said that grades don’t define oneself, but this might become harder to believe when you’re attending a university with high entrance averages and rigorous programs. If … Continue reading Recovering From a Bad Midterm